Microsoft ditches Windows Phone for Windows 10

Microsoft ditches Windows Phone for Windows 10

Windows Phone OS will be phased out and replaced with mobile tailored version of Windows 10

Microsoft will replace its Windows Phone OS with a modified version of its new Windows 10 operating system, it has revealed.

At the launch event for Windows 10, the US-based software company said that at some point in 2015 all Windows Phone devices will be given the new software – the same version found on tablets, laptops and desktops.

The new OS will continue to use Microsoft’s Live Tiles system, with the Action Centre replaced by Notifications.

Apps will work universally across PCs, laptops and mobile devices. Users of the latest version of Windows Phone will be able to update their devices that are smaller than eight inches free of charge.

Microsoft also confirmed that it will launch a new flagship phone to accompany its updated OS, but it would not reveal a release date, saying it will come €œlater this year€.


Source: Fusion Communications Feed

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